Dressage/ Western Dressage Camp

Date: June 24-28, 2019

Facilities: 435 Little Rd. Canton, GA 30115

Description: This camp is designed for both English and Western riders that are advanced walk, trot, canter riders. These riders  will explore either western dressage or classical dressage, depending on their preference. The students will learn how to ride a dressage test, call a dressage test and advance their knowledge in riding with collection. If you are not currently in Betsy's lesson program, please contact her to see if this camp is right for you or your child.


Checks Payable to Natural Horse Solutions


Mail checks to:
Natural Horse Solutions

6175 Hickory Flat Hwy

Ste. 110-108

Canton, GA



Pay in person:

Call Betsy at (404)226-4449 to schedule


Pay online:

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Betsy Rengifo (formerly Betsy Moles) is based out of Wild at Heart Ranch

435 Little Rd. Canton, GA


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Betsy offers both English and Western Lessons

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